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  • White Glove Delivery & Setup Service $45

    Propane Refill in NJ

     Are you looking for propane refill in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing propane refill in NJ since 1969. At Modern Propane, we are a one-stop-shop for propane and BBQ products. Whether you need propane tank refill or propane tank exchange, we will take care of your propane needs promptly. Modern Propane is a propane refill station and a grill superstore that fills a wide varieties of propane tanks of various sizes. 

     We are able to top off your propane tanks fast and safely. Most customers wait for a mere 60 seconds and walk out with a full propane tank that is ready to use.

    For commercial Propane tank refill customers we have two options, either to bring their propane tanks to our refill station, or we can set up for a convenient propane delivery instead, through JackGas - our propane delivery service. We could deliver up to 100 lb. propane tanks that are used mostly for propane heaters on construction sites or large outdoor festivals.

    For more information about propane refill in NJ and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.